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High-Performance Advanced Fibre Supplier Based in Australia.

We value our customers and we aspire to pass on our fibre knowledge, expertise to our customers.



We provide top-quality advanced fibre products and offer the most competitive price in the market. Our advanced fibres ( eg. spandex, meta-aramid, para-aramid etc ) play a crucial part in the global fibre market. Over the past years, we have formed strong partnerships with many others. The products have been widely adopted by local governments, military and police services, firefighting services, the medical industry, and aerospace technology including but not limited to German Federal Police and Fire Services, South Korean National Police Agency, and National Fire Agency and other countries like Turkey, China, France, Italy with the mutual goal of moving high-performance fibres forward.


Representing global brand Tayho advanced materials in the Southern Hemisphere. We are committed to providing premium customer service to our clients with the highest desire to gain total customer satisfaction.

We established warehouses based in Sydney, Melbourne for multiple product lines to ensure clients have quick access to the products in a timely manner.

Our Advanced Material research, development, and engineering teams have over 30 years of experience in innovation for advanced fibre, we are continuously evaluating new materials and processes that allow us to offer improved products and solutions to meet your requirements. Talk to us today to determine what advance fibre-based solution is right for you and your product.


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