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NEWSTAR® is a well-known registered brand in the global meta-aramid market, the other major brands are Nomex® registered by Dupont, and Teijinconex®  registered by Teijin. The main physical properties reach international advanced level of meta-aramid products.

It is safe and within Oeko-Tex Standard 100 product class 1 for baby articles. Items from 0.8d to 13d are available in raw white, solution-dyed and easier dyeable in varieties of filament, tow, short-cut, and staple for many different applications.

Product Overview

Main Characteristics of NEWSTAR® Meta-aramid
Heat Resistance: NEWSTAR® Mata-aramid has long-lasting thermal stability. It can be used for long hours at the high temperature of 204℃ and maintains excellent dimensional stability. It will not embrittle, soften or melt when it is exposed temporarily to the high temperature of 300℃.
Flame Resistance: With LOI≥28, NEWSTAR® meta-aramid is inherently flame resistant. It does not self burn or melt in the room air, no combustion-supporting, and has the property of self- extinguishing. It starts to get carbonized at 400 ℃.
Electrical Insulation: NEWSTAR® meta-aramid fibre has very good electrical insulation property. The dielectric strength of meta-aramid paper is up to 20kv/mm.
Chemical Stability: NEWSTAR® meta-aramid fibre has a very stable chemical structure. It is resistant to most strong inorganic acid and to alkalis at room temperature.
Radiation Resistance: NEWSTAR® meta-aramid fibre shows good resistance to α, β and ultraviolet radiation.
Mechanical Properties: The low-rigidity and high elongation of NEWSTAR® meta-aramid make it available for processing by conventional textile machinery. Staple fibre can be processed into a variety of fabrics and non-wovens.

Product Gallery

Newstar®solution dyed staple fibre

Newstar®solution dyed staple fiber has properties of high tensile strength and good textile. Wide varieties of colors are available against customers’ different requirements for apparels.

Newstar®raw white staple fibre

Deniers are available from 0.8D to 15D.High tensile strength and good textile properties. Suitable for high temperature resistant fabrics, scrims and outer layers of non-woven, scrims for auto hoses, sound dampers and transfer printing felts etc.

Honeycomb Core Material

Meta-aramid paper has a compact structure, smooth surface, high mechanical strength, and high tensile strength and tears strength. These advantages make it an excellent material for paper honeycomb core material. This material exhibits excellent properties of lightweight, impact resistance, high strength, low deformation, aging resistance and etc. It can be used for civilian aircraft, high-speed trains, yacht’s floor, rudders, luggage rack, large wind turbine blades, and radome components.


Newstar®filament is available in raw white and sage green colours. It is suitable for making apparels as well as for industrial applications like electrical insulation, rubber reinforcement, cable sheath etc.


Insulation Paper


Personal Protection


Environmental Protection


Industrial Belt

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