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Taparan® Para-aramid is one of the most recognised brands in the global para-aramid market. The other brands are Kevlar® registered by Dupont, Twaron®, and Technora® registered by Teijin aramid. 


Para-aramid belongs to the aromatic polyamide family. The full name is poly (p-phenylene terephthalamide), abbreviated as PPTA or Aramid-II.


The raw materials of para-aramid are TPC and PPD.

Product Overview

Para-aramid is known as one of the three kinds of high-performance fibres in the world, with carbon fibre and high-density high modulus polyethylene (HDPE) as the other two. It possesses outstanding properties of high strength, high modulus, high-temperature resistance and flame resistance. It has advantages of relatively low density, fatigue resistance, tear and shear resistance, dimension stability. It has an irreplaceable position in areas like personal protection, aerospace, electrical communication, and etc.

As one of the key basic materials relating to the development of national economy, para-aramid has attracted many attentions in materials society. But due to the high difficulty of producing technology, only several countries like the U.S, Russia, South Korea and China can produce it. Until now the total capacity is 70,000 tons per year worldwide.

During the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, China has been made a substantial breakthrough in the engineering technology of para-aramid. Yantai Spandex built a hundred-ton production line in 2008, which is the first one in China. It runs continuously with the main properties reaching the international advanced level. This laid a solid foundation for the kilo-ton industrialization project.

TAPARAN®Para aramid is widely used in the fields of automobile hose, optical fibre, friction and sealing and personal protection soon. Therefore Tayho has become professional and unique aramid supplier with a full set of meta-aramid and para-aramid products as well as competitive market guarantee capability in China.


Main properties
-High Strength and High Modulus
Due to the high hydrogen bonds, the strength of Taparan®para aramid can reach up to above 28g/D.Its specific strength is 5-6 times that of steel wire, its specific modulus is 2-3 times that of steel wire or glass fiber , and its flexibility is 2 times that of steel wire while the weight is only 1/5 that of the steel wire.

-High-Temperature Resistance
Taparan®para aramid can be used continuously in a very wide temperature range from -196℃ to 204℃.It has no decomposing or melting at 500℃. Its tenacity remains 75% after 100hours under 200℃.

-Good Chemical Resistance
Taparan®para aramid is acid and alkali resistant, anti-aging with good adhesive force in rubber.

Product Gallery

TAPARAN® Para-aramid Pulp

TAPARAN® Para-aramid Pulp is made from TAPARAN® Para-aramid filament (linear density of 1.5D). Due to its good properties in heat resistance, friction resistance, high strength, high modulus, it is widely used for friction and sealing materials, composites and aramid paper.

TAPARAN® Para-aramid Staple Fiber

TAPARAN® para-aramid staple fibre is cut from the crimped filament. It is available in lengths of 38mm, 51mm, 76mm with a linear density of 1.5D to 4D. Due to its good properties in high strength, high modulus, heat resistance and cut-proof, it is widely used for thermal resistant nonwovens, spun yarns, covering yarns etc.

TAPARAN® Para-aramid Filament

TAPARAN® para-aramid filament is available in 600Denier ,750Denier,840 Denier,1000 Denier, 1500 Denier,3000 Denier,6000 Denier and 9000 Denier.




Friction & Sealing


Composite Material


Reinforced Material


Sports Equipment

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