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Anti-static Fiber

With LOI over 28% ,Tametar®anti-static fiber is inherently flame resistant with initial temperature of carbonization up to 400 ℃.The fiber does not melt or drip in the air without toxic emission.

Tametar®anti-static fiber does not make any changes at its conductivity below 270℃.It only goes down in 275℃ with excellent heat resistance property.

Product Overview

Outstanding conductivity
The specific resistance of Tametar®anti-static fiber is 104~105(Ω.cm).

Low boiling water shrinkage
The boiling water shrinkage of Tametar®anti-static fiber is less than 1.5%.It can be added into textile by large percentage for the application of circumstance with high antistatic property.

Good mechanical property
Tametar®anti-static fiber can be used at regular textile machine with deniers from 1D to 5D and good mechanical property. It can be possessed into random lengths with soft handle and better application in textiles.


Excellent acid and alkali resistance
Tametar®anti-static fiber has good chemical resistance to most strong inorganic acid and alkalis with better alkali resistance property at normal temperature.

It maintains color consistency before and after dying process.

Product Gallery

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Meta-aramid Paper YT510 YT516

YT510 and YT516 are Class H (180), Class N (200) and Class R (220) insulating paper, it has high dielectric strength, mechanical strength, mechanical strength, flexibility and resilience. Thickness is from 0.05 mm to 0.76 mm (2 mil to 30 mil).

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